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When was the last time you reviewed your Menu of Services, or if you are a Consultant, discussed this with your clients? Do you have a process or tool for analysing how each treatment or service type is performing for your business?

We have two resources you may use to ensure your Menu is efficient at maximising your revenue:

  • You may identify how to increase treatment revenue and minimise costs associated with unpopular treatments, by using our Spa and Salon Menu Revenue Analysis Manual , which is designed to automatically highlight well performing treatments in terms of the number of treatments sold and revenue generated, daily, monthly, annually and by treatment type.

Spa and Salon Consultants - these are also great tools for you to use to offer more services to your clients and help them increase their performance. If you are interested in becoming a Consultant, or improving your existing consulting business, take a look at our Spa Consultant Manual and related Packages which include our SOP and Treatments Manual you can use for client projects, or Mentoring time to help you fast-track your business.

"I have always found Intelligent Spas' Manuals indeed relevant to spa operations, practical, very useful and helpful. I highly recommend them. Thanks for your great work Julie!"


Founder & Managing Director, Salamander Lifestyle


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