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Team Meetings

How often do you conduct team meetings? Are they interactive and motivating?

If your business and/or employees need a boost, check out our Spa Sessions Team Meetings Manual written by International Spa Consultant, Naomi Gregory. It provides a plethora of conversation starters formatted in a useful structure to enable you to run thought-provoking and action-based meetings, plus aims to motivate staff whilst improving the overall performance of your business.

Spa Consultants may also use the Manual to guide their clients on performance improvement. And if you are interested in becoming a Spa Consultant, or improving your existing consulting business, take a look at our Spa Consultant Manual.

Featured Spa Session topics relate to Business Success, Service Experience and Team Performance, which may be purchased separately or as a package. Three examples of included advice are:

  • How to promote add-on treatments to increase sales
  • How to control costs and avoid waste
  • How to prepare employees for frequently asked questions

A Sample of 6 Sessions is available for download here.

We also offer other Samples, including: 

  • Spa Operations Manual
  • Professional Spa Treatments Manual - Body Scrub Procedure


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