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Package: Spa Consultant Manual Plus Mentoring - 5 Hours

Product image 1Package: Spa Consultant Manual Plus Mentoring - 5 Hours
Product image 2Package: Spa Consultant Manual Plus Mentoring - 5 Hours
Product image 3Package: Spa Consultant Manual Plus Mentoring - 5 Hours

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This package includes 5 hours of Mentoring plus the Spa Consultant Manual.

It can be overwhelming to start a new business are change the director of an existing business, so Intelligent Spas offers mentoring packages to help you get going faster, guide you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have as you learn about, or continue your consulting path.

The Spa Consultant Manual helps both new and existing consultants understand their real opportunities in the spa industry and provides a framework to put a practical action plan in place to fast-track and promote a their business.


Read more about mentoring here.


The Spa Consultant Manual helps both new and existing consultants understand their real opportunities in the spa industry and provides a framework to put a practical action plan in place to fast-track and promote a their business.


The Manual also includes a collection of editable templates for the key assets and deliverables consultants need to pitch and provide to spa clients, plus outlines important advice from experienced spa consultants to help make a professional first impression and develop a strong reputation within the industry. A variety of other recommended resources are described for your further consideration to add value to your business success.

The major sections of the Spa Consultant Manual include:
  1. How to Identify your Specific Consulting Opportunities
  2. Action-based Business Plan and Marketing Strategy Framework
  3. Advice from Experienced Consultants
  4. Key Editable Assets and Deliverables Templates
  5. Supporting Resources Available to Maximise Your Success

The Manual is provided in both a secure PDF file and an editable Microsoft Word file and the Asset and Deliverable Templates are in editable Microsoft Word or Excel, for your convenience and easy customisation. You may download the Manual files immediately after payment is confirmed.

I have always found Intelligent Spas' Manuals indeed relevant to spa operations, practical, very useful and helpful. I highly recommend them.

Thanks for your great work Julie.

Farida Brouwer, Founder & Managing Director, Salamander Lifestyle

Table of Contents

1 How to Use this Manual 4
1.1 Copyright and Disclaimer 4
1.2 About Intelligent Spas 4
1.3 File Management 5
1.4 Re-setting the Automated Numbering System 5
1.5 Format Options 5
2 Introduction 6
2.1 About this Manual 6
2.2 The Most Important Action to Take When Starting a Consulting Business 6
3 How to Identify Your Specific Consulting Opportunities 7
3.1 Typical Spa Consulting Projects 7
3.2 What Do You Have to Offer? 7
3.3 How to Identify the Opportunities in your Market 10
3.4 What is the Best Way to Reach your Potential Clients? 12
3.5 Who are your Main Competitors? 12
3.6 Who do you Observe as Case Studies or Role Models? 13
4 Business Plan 14
4.1 What is your Value Proposition? 14
4.2 How to Create an Action-Based Business Plan 14
4.3 Business Model Template 15
4.4 Action Plan Template 16
4.5 Marketing Strategy 17
4.6 Brand Identity Template 17
4.7 Sales and Marketing Plan Template 19
5 Advice from Experienced Consultants 20
5.1 Be Realistic 20
5.2 How to Value your Time 20
5.3 How to Cost out a Project 20
5.4 What to Know about Billing 21
5.5 How to Define your Professional Image 22
5.6 How to Balance your Schedule 23
5.7 Why you Should Track your Time 23
6 How to Edit the Templates 25
6.1 Introduction 25
6.2 File Management for Clients 25
6.3 Adding your Brand Identity to the Deliverables 25
6.4 How to Customise the Templates 26
7 Key Editable Assets and Deliverables Templates 27
7.1 Project Outline and Agreement Template 27
7.2 Detailed Proposal Template 27
7.3 Project Timeline Template 28
7.4 Project Costing Template for Fees and Expenses 28
7.5 Invoicing Timeline Template 29
7.6 Timesheet Template 29
7.7 Invoice Template 29
7.5 Receipt Template 30
7.6 Report Template with Example Disclaimer 30
7.7 Presentation Template 30
8 Supporting Resources Available to Maximise Your Success 31
8.1 How to Customise Intelligent Spas’ Publications for your Clients 31
8.2 What Consulting Project Templates are Available from Intelligent Spas 31
8.3 How to Use Intelligent Spas’ Industry Research to Win Clients 32
8.4 Use our Mentoring Packages for Added Support 33
9 Section Template 34
9.1 Heading Template 34
9.2 Heading Template 34
9.3 Heading Template 34

Important Notes:

This Package is designed only for use by prospective or existing spa consultants and is only offered as Single Location or Headquarters/Regional Offices User Licenses and must not be shared with other entities or clients. This manual may not be used to advise other parties how to be a consultant.

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Terms of Purchase, Privacy and Copyright may be viewed here.



Julie Garrow

Julie Garrow developed a mission in 2001 to assist spa owners, managers and employees provide seamless spa experiences to their valued guests, after realising via consulting and mystery shopping projects, new spas in particular, were not operating efficiently and delivering the promised level of relaxation. Her consulting career in hospitality and leisure in the late 90’s led her to specialise in the spa sector when it was still a very young industry and Julie founded Intelligent Spas to author a range of publications which spas could easily reference and implement in order to improve their performance and service delivery.

Julie initiated a partnership with Maggie Gunning, an experienced spa director and consultant, to develop a range of international standard, Spa Operating Policies and Procedures Manuals, resulting in detailed and practical guidelines spa owners, managers, and employees require to support an efficient business, whilst delivering consistently high service standards. The manuals have been updated and refined over the years as the industry has matured. Julie and Maggie have teamed up again to provide quality spa treatment manuals for new and existing spas.

In 2009, Julie was awarded the "Distinguished Industry Leader" title in The Crystal Awards Asia Pacific, which was nominated by industry peers to acknowledge and reward an individual who has made a positive contribution to the spa industry.

Prior to establishing Intelligent Spas, Julie represented major organisations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers Hospitality and Leisure Consulting (Singapore), Southern Pacific Hotels (Sydney) and KPMG Tourism and Leisure Consulting (Melbourne). Julie graduated with a Bachelor of Business specialising in Tourism, Management and Marketing. Julie is from Australia and currently resides in Singapore with her husband and business partner, Stu and their son, Conrad.

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