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Intelligent Spas provides 'performance enhancing' publications for the spa industry, via actionable research and detailed operations and training manuals, which are available for immediate download and starting from just US$10.


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How to Maximise Retail Revenue

How do you empower even your shyest employees to maximise retail revenue? Simply link retail items to the customer ex...

Employee Compensation Manual with Template for all your Compensation Structures

Employee head count and compensation costs are a fundamental part of business planning and budgeting for next year. T...

Guest and Media Tours

How often do potential clients or media/influencers request tours of spas, salons, wellness centres or hotels? It's l...

Team Performance

Regular communication between employees is critical to maintain high team performance at work. We recommend a variety...

The Importance of Pace

During my Mystery Shops, I've continuously experienced an issue which could easily be resolved - therapists need to s...

Intelligent Spas Nominated for Two Awards

We were thrilled to be nominated for two awards in the Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition's Inaugural Awards Ce...
Julie Garrow

About Us

Founded in Singapore in 2001, Intelligent Spas pioneered Spa Industry Research across the greater Asia Pacific region and provides Spa Operations and Training Manuals designed to achieve cost efficiencies, greater service standards and a happy work environment.

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I help spa industry professionals enhance their business performance by providing a variety of detailed Operations and Training Manuals and reliable Industry Research which empowers them to make small or significant changes to reach their potential.

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