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Office Hours and Contact Information

Office Hours

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Intelligent Spas' office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm Singapore time zone (UTC+08:00), excluding public holidays.


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Please contact us using the online form and we'll endeavour to respond by the next business day, if not sooner.

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Orders, Delivery and Refunds

How to Order

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You may purchase publications in a variety of ways, including with major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), Apple Pay, Google Pal, etc. If you prefer to arrange a bank telegraphic transfer, contact Intelligent Spas for details.


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Default prices are displayed in USD - United States Dollars however some local currencies are also available based on your location.

Electronic Publication Format

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Intelligent Spas’ publications are available in electronic format only. You may save the publications files onto your computer and print them if desired. Printed copies are not available.

Delivery, Downloading Files and Passwords

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After your payment is processed, your order details will be automatically emailed to you which includes a link to download your files. Please check your junk folder if it does not arrive in your inbox.

Depending on your order, file types may include secure PDF (non editable, this is your safe copy, no password is required to view), editable Microsoft Word so you may customise for your business, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Plus some include multiple files in a compressed, zip file.

You have 2 download attempts per file. Please save all files onto your computer to easy access in the future.

If you cannot find or access your files, simply contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the process and provide any support to help you.

Note, we are in Singapore timezone and are closed on weekends and public holidays.


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Your receipt is stored in your online account and may be downloaded and/or printed for accounting, expense reimbursements and/or taxation deduction purposes.


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Refunds are not available because the publications are delivered in electronic format. A range of information, including publication descriptions, detailed table of contents, press releases and newsletter articles are provided to assist your decision to purchase.

Discount Codes

Discount Codes are subject to the following Terms and Conditions

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* Discount Codes are valid during specific dates for online orders at

* A Discount Code may be used for a one-time purchase only or multiple time, as stated.

* You must Log In or Sign Up to use a Discount Code.

* A Discount Code may be used only for selected publications.

* Discount Codes may be used for Pre-Order publications.

* A Discount Code must be correctly entered at the Shopping Cart page.

* Only one Discount Code may be entered per order.

Contact Intelligent Spas before finalising your order if you are unsure how to use the Discount Code.

* A Discount Code cannot be applied to a completed order.

* No refund will be offered if a Discount Code was not entered correctly.

* A Discount Code is not exchangeable for cash.

* Intelligent Spas reserves the right to change or cancel a Discount Code at any time without notice.

* Purchases are made in accordance with Intelligent Spas’ Terms and Conditions.

User Licenses and Customer Groups

User License Agreement

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Intelligent Spas manages copyright and intellectual property of its electronic publications via User License Agreements, which is a term and condition of business.

We offer various Customer Groups based on your type of business, which have different pricing levels.

If you select and purchase under the wrong Customer Group based on your actual business type, you agree to pay any outstanding amount owed to Intelligent Spas immediately upon receiving an official request. By purchasing publications from Intelligent Spas via the Online Store or any other method, you agree to abide by these User License Terms, including but not limited to, the Copyright associated with the User Licenses. The copyright and security of publications purchased from Intelligent Spas, including both electronic and printed copies, are the responsibility of the registered purchaser. You may not share or on-sell the publications to a third party in any way. Legal action will be taken to recover all revenue lost and related expenses incurred as a result of breach of copyright and/or other User License Terms. This User License Agreement shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore and the purchaser agrees that all matters arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Republic of Singapore. The prevailing party in any action to enforce this agreement shall be entitled to reasonable costs and legal fees.

Please contact Intelligent Spas if you have any questions.

Headquarters or Regional Offices

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Choose the Headquarters or Regional Offices Customer Group if you are currently employed by a multiple location enterprise at their office location, such as spa and hotel chains.

The publications may be used by current employees at your office location. 

If you are purchasing for multiple offices, select the quantity required in our online store.

DO NOT distribute the publication to any or all your spa/hotel/branch locations if you have not purchased the required quantity.

You may purchase additional copies of the publication(s) for spa/hotel/branch locations via our Single License or Bulk Quantity Customer Group on  their behalf and then distribute those copies to them.

Read more instructions on how to select multiple customer groups and quantities in our online store.

Publications for the Headquarters or Regional Offices Customer Group are priced at two times the Single Location price as the information benefits many people.

Single Location or Bulk Quantities

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Choose Single Location or Bulk Quantity if you are a single user, currently employed by a company with only one business location, are a student or you wish to purchase multiple copies of the same publication to distribute to your various locations. Select the quantity required in our online store.

Either an individual or all current employees of a company within one business location may view the publication(s).

Read more instructions on how to select multiple customer groups and quantities in our online store.

Professional Consultants

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Choose the Professional Consultant Customer Group if you are currently employed by, or own a registered,  professional consulting firm and plan to use the publication(s) to support paid consulting engagements, which involve customising the manuals for your clients or using the research reports to advise your clients.

The engagement must include fully customising the publications for each client. Therefore, professional pricing must be charged to your clients which includes appropriate fees to cover your time, which will be well in excess of Intelligent Spas' published pricing for the publication(s) you purchase. 

You may not give the publications to your clients for free and you may not re-sell the publications directly to your clients at the same or different pricing as you purchased the publication(s).

All current employees of the Professional Consultants' single office location may use the publication(s) for multiple client engagements. 

The Consultant License is priced at three times the Single Location price as you may use the publication for multiple clients and may charge a percentage of the cost to them through your billing system.

Terms, Privacy and Copyright


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Intelligent Spas' other Terms of Business may be viewed here.

Privacy Policy

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Intelligent Spas' Privacy Policy may be viewed here.

Copyright Statement

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Intelligent Spas' Copyright Statement may be viewed here.

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