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Custom Research

Harness the power of global research to drive your business forward...

Intelligent Spas holds the largest database of spa industry intelligence in the world after conducting comprehensive spa industry research since 2001.


You may request specific analysis of existing data or initiate a new survey project to gather the specific information you require to make smarter business decisions, which can be available from just two weeks depending on the scope of your requirements and our existing commitments.


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Intelligent Spas can customise the following research to help you achieve your information goals:

  • Spa Market Reports - Intelligent Spas’ current Spa Market Overview Reports have been years in the making with an established database of spas in a plethora of markets across the globe. If you only need, for example, industry averages for five star hotel spas in a specific city, then we can run that analysis and produce a Custom Spa Market Overview Report for you in a relatively small time frame.

  • Spa Benchmark Reports - Intelligent Spas is the foremost global expert in detailed Spa Benchmark Surveys and is able to implement a new survey immediately to provide a new or updated report of your preferred market within weeks. Generally these studies are endorsed by Spa Associations however any business may sponsor this research to quickly enter a new market, as all spas who participate gain the research free of charge, providing a win-win situation for the local spa industry and sponsoring businesses.

    We currently have data on many spa markets, including the following:


    Custom Research
  • Spa Industry Directories - Intelligent Spas owns a massive database of spa industry businesses and may tailor a targeted business list for legitimate spa-related businesses, noting only publicly available information is supplied to ensure our strict anti-spam policy is supported.

  • Topic-Specific Spa Market Research - Intelligent Spas is the only independent research company specialising in the spa industry and has the experience and network to undertake quality market research - share your curiosities and we will find the answers.

    Please contact us describing what type of custom research you need so we can discuss the scope, investment and timeframe.
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