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Customised for You

Harness the power of a customised project designed specifically for you based on global research and operational efficiencies to drive your business forward...

Intelligent Spas holds the largest database of spa industry intelligence in the world after conducting comprehensive spa industry research since 2001, plus has published a variety of policies, procedures and training manuals aimed at enhancing business performance.

Judy Chapman

Intelligent Spas can customise the following projects to help you achieve your information and business goals:

  • Spa Mystery Shop Report - having received hundreds of spa, salon and wellness treatments over the years, Julie's extreme detail will provide you with a plethora of items would may tweak, modify or overhaul in order to deliver better quality experiences for your customers going forward.
  • Spa Business Review - with solid experience in spa benchmarks and policies and procedures, we can independently review your business to identify potential expense reductions, operational efficiencies and areas to generate additional revenue aiming to maximise your profit. You will receive a professional report and mentoring to explain areas where you can increase profit plus a description of practical actions to achieve this as quickly as possible.
  • KPI System for Chains/Groups or Individual Spas - by setting up a regular KPI reporting and analysis system, you are empowered to monitor your business for better decision making and planning going forward. You will receive a process to regularly monitor your business and guidance to address potential issues highlighted by your spa's KPI performances.
  • Competitor Analysis - the hard and soft competitive aspects of threats in your marketplace are reviewed to help improve any weaknesses in your messaging, plus this process helps you identify and focus on your unique selling proposition in order to strengthen and grow your customer base. You will receive a professional report highlighting your spa's strengths and weaknesses in comparison to your key competitors, plus an action plan to improve and maintain your competitiveness.
  • Spa Industry Analysis - You may request specific analysis of existing data or initiate a new survey project to gather the specific information you require to make smarter business decisions. If you only need, for example, industry averages for five star hotel spas in a specific city, then we can run that analysis and produce a Custom Spa Industry Report for you. We currently have data on many spa markets, including the following:
Custom Research
  • Topic-Specific Market Research - Intelligent Spas is the only independent research company specialising in the spa industry and has the experience and network to undertake quality market research - what are your questions? We will find the answers.
  • Spa Operations Manuals Customisation - we offer a variety of operations and training manuals and can help set up manuals for you with your company, logo, photos etc, and/or customise them further to incorporate the unique qualities of your spa. You will receive a working document presenting your brand image and service standards to fast track staff training and ensure consistent customer experiences.
Please contact us describing what type of custom research you need so we can discuss the scope, investment and timeframe.
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