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Engage, motivate and retain your employees via intriguing and thought-provoking spa team meetings - these Spa Sessions are authored by reputable international spa consultant, Naomi Gregory and aim to encourage employees to openly discuss how the spa business could be improved, which generates loyalty and employee satisfaction as well as better overall performance of the spa business.

The key focus area of this Spa Sessions Team Meetings Manual is Service Experience, which contains 30 meeting topics aiming to provide the following business and professional outcomes:
  • Caring
  • Observing
  • Adapting
  • Responsibility
  • Ethics
  • Delivering

"It’s a phenomenal training tool! 
In my former role as General Manager of a luxury spa group, Spa Sessions allowed me to confidently look after the business training needs of my staff, supporting them to deliver greater guest service and maximise profits!" 
Vanessa Main, Director, The Loft Studio

"Spa Sessions provide an opportunity for teams to take a greater interest and involvement in their working environment. Getting people involved cultivates workplace pride and loyalty and creates a more harmonious work environment. Ultimately, it encourages your staff to think and act proactively in order to deliver an exceptional guest experience and increased profitability,” explained Naomi Gregory, the author of Spa Sessions. “Ultimately it all adds up to a more impressive bottom-line."

PACKAGE DISCOUNT: You may purchase the Spa Sessions Team Meetings Manuals Package of three Manuals containing 60 Spa Sessions which also covers Business Success and Team Performance, in addition to the Service Experience Sessions, to give the spa a continuous stream of performance improving ideas.

"The modules are presented in a user friendly format that all nationalities could understand - if you need to produce great therapists, Spa Sessions is the only option." 
Kathryn Moore, Former Group Director of MSpa

The Spa Sessions are designed to be relevant for all spa types and locations - from large spas to small salons, globally. They allow spa teams to come up with customised solutions for their specific business model. Plus, this is key to best learning outcomes.

Other helpful features of the manual include:

    • A guide on how to conduct sessions including preparation, delivery and tips for facilitators;
    • Session starter tips to help guide the meetings, prompt discussion and assist the facilitator;
    • An action plan template for collecting and deciphering the discussion responses to enable timely implementation of ideas raised;
    • Reference to specific policies and procedures for a more thorough review and improvement of spa operations; and
  • An editable file for easy collection, storage and tracking of session responses and action plan items, which also allows you to add your branding and make this document your own!

"An amazing training tool - forms a critical part of our ongoing training - as a result of the insights gained, we have improved our business." 
Praveena Dewan, Spa Manager, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

Order the Spa Sessions now to enjoy a happier and healthier workplace.

Upgrades - those who purchased previous versions of the Spa Sessions Manuals from Naomi, please contact Intelligent Spas to request a complimentary upgrade to this new edition - you will be required to submit your original receipt. Alternatively, contact Naomi to request a referral.



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Naomi Gregory

The Spa Sessions developed by international spa consultant Naomi Gregory, aims to encourage learning and participation within the spa environment, whereby the team comes up with ideas and solutions, creating a higher level of commitment to the business and to achieving outcomes.

Naomi is a respected industry professional known for creating meaningful spa experiences in world class facilities. She has completed many independent consulting projects across Asia Pacific. Previously she was employed by numerous high end hotel and retreat spas, including Mandara Spa where she was responsible for over 400 staff in operations and new openings within Malaysia, Maldives and Indonesia. Naomi also developed and managed her own health retreat in Byron Bay, Australia. Naomi currently resides in Australia and enjoys travelling to sometimes remote locations to provide hands-on spa consulting.

Julie Garrow

Julie Garrow developed a mission in 2001 to assist spa owners, managers and employees provide seamless spa experiences to their valued guests, after realising via consulting and mystery shopping projects, new spas in particular, were not operating efficiently and delivering the promised level of relaxation. Her consulting career in hospitality and leisure in the late 90’s led her to specialise in the spa sector when it was still a very young industry and Julie founded Intelligent Spas to author a range of publications which spas could easily reference and implement in order to improve their performance and service delivery.

In 2009, Julie was awarded the "Distinguished Industry Leader" title in The Crystal Awards Asia Pacific, which was nominated by industry peers to acknowledge and reward an individual who has made a positive contribution to the spa industry. Prior to establishing Intelligent Spas, Julie represented major organisations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers Hospitality and Leisure Consulting (Singapore), Southern Pacific Hotels (Sydney) and KPMG Tourism and Leisure Consulting (Melbourne). Julie graduated with a Bachelor of Business specialising in Tourism, Management and Marketing. Julie is from Australia and currently resides in Singapore with her husband and business partner, Stu and their son, Conrad.



“In my former role as General Manager of a luxury spa group, Spa Sessions allowed me to confidently look after the business training needs of my staff, supporting them to deliver greater guest service and maximise profits! It’s a phenomenal training tool!”

Vanessa Main, Director, The Loft Studio

Kathryn Moore

Spa Sessions offered us a training solution that we just didn’t have the internal expertise to produce. The modules are presented in a user friendly format that all nationalities could understand and what’s more, our associates actually enjoyed participating in the training sessions. Naomi really understands what it is like to work in a variety of locations and has produced her training manuals with this in mind. If you need to systemise your training and produce great therapists, Spa Sessions is the only option.

Kathryn Moore, Former Group Director, MSpa

Praveena Dewan

“The Spa Sessions Training Manual is an amazing training tool we’ve been using in our spa for several years. It forms a critical part of our ongoing training at our spa to ensure we are forever lifting service levels and improving the guest experience. The manual has an easy-to-follow format enabling anyone in our business to facilitate the training, and we’ve also found that there is a great cross-section of relevant spa business topics for us to explore. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us through the manual Naomi. As a result of the insights gained, we have refined out standard operating procedures and improved our business.”

Praveena Dewan, Spa Manager, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

Rachael McCrory

We really needed to update our curriculum as some of our content was outdated and no longer relevant. We chose Spa Sessions because it was easily adaptable to our operation and the spas that our graduates would be employed in. It’s so important for us to produce outstanding industry ready therapists and Spa Sessions training material does just that! The modules are able to introduce our therapists to important elements of the industry and get them ready for their new careers!

Rachael McCrory, General Manager, Jamu Spa School

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