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Use Intelligent Spas' Global Benchmarks to Track the Covid-19 Impact

The global spa benchmarks we captured late last year highlight spa performance before the Covid-19 outbreak and will serve the industry by measuring the impact on KPI’s including revenue, occupancy, visits and employees and many more. The research will also help map the time it takes for these benchmarks to recover to the levels we have recorded for the past 3 years.

For example, Average Visits per Spa is a critical benchmark because it drives revenue and determines employee numbers. In 2019, the Global result was predicted to be 4,117 visits on average. Spas in the Americas consistently achieved over 9,000 visits per spa between 2017 and 2019, which was significantly higher than the other regions.

Spas may use our benchmarks to help track their performance and set targets for their recovery. View all our new Spa Benchmark Reports here.


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Intelligent Spas is the only independent research company specialising in the spa industry which provides consistent, reliable research globally. Intelligent Spas provides 'performance enhancing' publications for the spa industry, via actionable research and detailed operations and training manuals, which are available for immediate download and starting from just US$30.

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Reference Source as: Global Spa Benchmark Report 2019 by Region by Intelligent Spas

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