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The Importance of Pace

During my Mystery Shops, I've continuously experienced an issue which could easily be resolved - therapists need to slow down!

For some time, I have not enjoyed body scrubs because the delivery is consistently fast and intense. This does not comply with the concept of spa being a place to 'relax'.

The last body scrub I experienced was so fast and dramatic, the therapist pushed up one of my finger nails. I "ouched" in pain and she stopped to apologise. My finger throbbed for the remaining one and a half hours of the Package I had booked, which obviously negatively impacted the overall experience.

Intelligent Spas' Professional Spa Treatments Manual addresses issues like this by providing guidelines on how to deliver various treatments.

Scrubs do not need to be fast and intense to achieve the desired results.

Bad experiences like mine can easily be avoided and therapists need to be mindful of the way they deliver treatments, in order to ensure an enjoyable customer journey and minimise the risk of negative ratings and reviews.

"I have always found Intelligent Spas' Manuals indeed relevant to spa operations, practical, very useful and helpful. I highly recommend them.

Thanks for your great work Julie!"


Founder & Managing Director, Salamander Lifestyle


The Treatments Manual is also available in the following Packages - our SPA Operations and Treatments Manuals Package and our SALON Operations and Treatments Manuals Package, if you need extra employee training, operations and management support.

We also have similar Packages available for Consultants, entitled Spa Consultant Toolkit Packages (3 or 5 Manuals), which contain the following Manuals, based on which Package you choose:

  • Spa Consultant Manual
  • Spa Operating Procedures and Policies Manual
  • Professional Spa Treatments Manual
  • Spa and Salon Employee Compensation Manual
  • Spa Menu Revenue Analysis Manual

These Packages enable new Consultants to fast-track setting up their business and provide the tools to enable them to offer services to clients immediately. Existing Consultants may also use either of these Packages to fine tune their business and offer additional services.


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