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New Spa and Salon Employee Compensation Manual

Many of you may be reviewing employee compensation agreements following the impact Covid-19 has had on our industry, particularly with business closures, reduced operating hours and then re-opening again.

Our Spa and Salon Employee Compensation Manual will help you work with your employees to develop fair and reasonable compensation plans, which support ever changing business conditions and the employment aspirations of your staff. This Manual outlines many possible compensation options and the format enables you to efficiently update the plans on an annual basis or as needed.

The major sections of the Manual include:

  1. Keys to Developing Relevant Compensation Plans
  2. Payment Options
  3. Package Inclusions
  4. Performance Incentives
  5. Professional Development
  6. Compensation Structure Template and Sample Content

The Compensation Structure Template makes it easy for owners and managers to quickly replicate and customise compensation packages, plus sample content is provided to guide you and enable you to quickly fill in the gaps and create personalised compensation agreements.

Also included is a Template for Documenting Local Market Regulations so you may keep a record in the same document of any requirements the business needs to adhere to. Key considerations are provided to prompt your thoughts on what is relevant in your local marketplace.

This important intelligence is very affordable to enable you to achieve professional business standards and keep your employees happy and loyal.

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    More details and the full table of contents are at

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