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How Bali Spas Can Boost Revenue

Today we feature Bali Spas and recognise the amazing result recorded for Spa Treatment Room Hours Sold, which was almost double that of the global average consistently over the last three years.

"Any spa may use these research principals to discover ways to boost their revenue"

Interestingly, the Number of Treatments Sold was just 2% higher than the global average, which implies Bali spas sell longer treatments, for example, more 120 minute massages compared to the number of 60 minute massages.

The Average Treatment Time per Guest in 2019 was 2 hours and 24 minutes, which is also significantly longer than the global average. In comparison to a similar resort destination, spas in the Maldives reported an Average Treatment Time of 1 hour and 47 minutes.

"Resort spas generated 28% more daily retail revenue* in 2019 compared to day spas and hotel spas"

One key thing Bali Spas could focus on to boost their revenue is retail. Resort spas generated 28% more Daily Retail Revenue in 2019 compared to day spas and hotel spas, according to Intelligent Spas' Global Spa Benchmark Report by Spa Type*. However, Bali spas recorded 53% less Daily Retail Revenue compared to the global average and 33% less than spas in the Maldives.

Also, when correlating Retail Revenue with Average Visits per Spa, Bali achieved 11% more Visits per Spa compared to the global average and 34% more visits on average than spas in the Maldives. Therefore, with more traffic through the spa, in a resort destination, more Retail Revenue is very likely possible.

Spas may use our recent spa industry benchmarks to compare their past performance in their marketplaces, discover areas in which they could enhance their performance and identify target levels to strive towards over the next 12 months as the industry rebounds.


The Bali Spa Benchmark Report is currently available for immediately download at only US$20^. All proceeds help fund the research project. Read more details including the table of contents and view sample pages here.


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  • Provide practical training for therapists which includes scripts and role playing to give them confidence when recommending products to clients
  • Set sales targets and incentives so spa staff understand your expectations and regularly monitor their performance and offer support
  • Display products within reach of clients and provide testers so they may easily experience the texture and scent
  • Use social media to announce discount promotions and special bundles which include retail and services packages



Thank you to the spa owners and managers in Bali, the Maldives and around the world who participated in our spa industry research. Your free report was emailed to you.

Thanks also to our Research Sponsors:

  • TAC – The Assistant Company (Spa Software)
  • APSWC APSWC | Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition
  • SWAS


Please contact me if you have any questions, would like to sponsor future research and/or would like to suggest new research.

All the best


Julie Garrow
Managing Director
Intelligent Spas

*Source: Global Spa Benchmark Report by Spa Type 2019

^Terms and Conditions Apply

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