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3 Key SOP Updates Helpful During a Pandemic

One of the key Standard Operating Policies and Procedures spas are recommended to update since the pandemic relates to Cancellation. Previously, it was standard practice for 5 star spas to take credit card details to secure bookings and then charge for late cancellations and no shows, which helped to secure revenue. Now spas are being more flexible and understanding to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their guests and employees, which also works to strengthen customer loyalty. 

If your spa conducts Confirmation Calls to maximise occupancy and revenue, it needs to be linked to the Cancellation Policy so it is clear what the standard practice is. If your system uses a digital reminder system, the content of the message must also reflect your current Cancellation Policy. In order to maximise occupancy, I recommend an action be placed in the message eg. "Please reply Y to confirm or call/message (number) to reschedule" - this communicates back to the spa if the client was reminded of their appointment. If no reply is received, a second message or a call may be initiated to confirm or reschedule the reservation.

As a resident of Singapore, I'm very familiar with contact tracing regulations and procedures. I've created a Safe Entry Policy and Procedure as an additional resource. Although various countries and states have reacted differently to the pandemic and imposed, or not imposed, new regulations about wearing masks, safe entry, temperature checking and social distancing, it is up to the individual spa owner and/or manager to decide if they wish to implement any additional safety standards within their spa environment. Kindly note, it is important for each business to check their location regulations and requirements.

Intelligent Spas' Manuals are delivered in editable word files so each spa may choose to include, or not include, any of the provided content. It is much easier to delete content not needed, rather than create content from scratch.

The 3 Pandemic Procedures Manual is available for purchase and immediate download on our website.



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