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New Benchmarks by Spa Type from Intelligent Spas

Singapore, January 2020Intelligent Spas' new global spa industry research breaks down benchmarks by day spas, hotel spas and resort spas to identify some critical differences in key performing indicators. For instance, resort spas generated 28% more daily retail revenue than the global average and almost twice as much as day spas. 

The Global Spa Benchmark Report 2019 by Spa Type presents over 900 statistics included forecast results for 2019, actual results for 2018 and 2017, plus 2008 benchmarks published in our inaugural report to highlight the various changes in the industry over the last decade.

The following types of benchmarks are included in the report:

  • Spa Set Up in 2019
  • Total Revenue
  • Treatment Revenue
  • Treatment and Occupancy Benchmarks
  • Retail Revenue
  • Spa Visits
  • Hotel and Resort Spa Capture Rates
  • Spa Employees

Julie Garrow, Founder and Managing Director of Intelligent Spas stated "global research is a great indicator of the state of the industry and breaking the data down by spa type enables more accurate analysis results sometime vary significantly across various benchmarks. Spa owners, managers, investors and other industry stakeholders now have updated research make educated decisions and enhance their performance. Our research specifically aims to empower spas to compare their financial and operational performance to that of their peers, so they may identify areas for improvement to maximise profit."

Thank you to the spa owners, managers and group directors who supported the research project. Please contact us if you have not seen instructions to access your report.

We gratefully acknowledge the spas who participated in the research, plus thank our Research Sponsors who contributed financial and other support to the project, highlighting their meaningful thought leadership and dedication to the industry:

  • TAC – The Assistant Company
  • Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC)
  • Spa & Wellness Association of Singapore (SWAS)
  • Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA)
  • Malaysian Association of Wellness and Spa (MAWSpa)

Andrew Jacka, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition (APSWC) added “the spa and wellness industry has very limited reliable statistical information available to base its claims of growth and development upon. APSWC is very pleased to support this significant benchmark report.” 

The President of the Spa and Wellness Association of Singapore (SWAS), Edward Wong, shared “I find the detailed information in the Global Spa Benchmark Report very useful in supporting business review and strategic planning for spa owners and managers.”

The President of the Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA), Datin Jeanette Tambakau stated "AMSPA is in full support of Intelligent Spas’ significant Benchmark Report as we converge on a need to increase our knowledge about this vast global spa industry."

Dr Baskaran Kosthi, Senior Advisor and former President of Malaysian Association of Wellness & Spa (MAWSPA) added "I'm glad Ms Julie Garrow has put in so much effort and time to come up with this detailed report. Please take advantage of such fine work."

Launch Discount 

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Other New Reports Coming Soon:

You may PRE-ORDER the following reports at a 25% discount^ until they become available - use code:  PRE25%OFF

  • Bali Spa Benchmark Report 2019
  • Greece Spa Benchmark Report 2019
  • India Spa Benchmark Report 2019
  • Malaysia Spa Benchmark Report 2019
  • Maldives Spa Benchmark Report 2019
  • Thailand Spa Benchmark Report 2019
  • USA Spa Benchmark Report 2019
  • PACKAGE:  All Country Reports 2019 (Bali, Greece, India, Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand and USA)
  • PACKAGE:  South East Asia (Bali, Malaysia and Thailand)

The full list of benchmarks included in the report is below:

  • Spa Set Up in 2019
    • Opening Hours
    • Treatment Hours Available
    • Spa Size
    • Number of Treatment Rooms by Occupancy
    • Supporting Facilities
    • Treatment Locations
    • Treatment Starting Prices
  • Total Revenue
    • Revenue per Spa
    • Revenue per Visit
    • Revenue per Square Metre/Foot
    • Revenue per Treatment Room
    • Revenue per Available Treatment Hour
    • Revenue per Employee
    • Revenue per Therapist
  • Treatment Revenue
    • Treatment Revenue per Spa
    • Treatment Revenue as a proportion of Total Revenue
    • Average Treatment Price
    • Treatment Revenue per Visit
    • Treatment Revenue per Treatment Room
    • Treatment Revenue per Available Treatment Hour
    • Treatment Revenue per Therapist
  • Treatment and Occupancy Benchmarks
    • Number of Treatments Sold
    • Treatment Room Hours Sold
    • Average Treatment Time
    • Treatment Room Occupancy
  • Retail Revenue
    • Retail Revenue per Spa
    • Retail Revenue as a Proportion of Total Revenue
    • Average Retail Revenue per Visit
  • Spa Visits
    • Visits per Spa
    • Proportion of Female and Male Visitors
    • Visits per Treatment Room
    • Visits per Employee
    • Visits per Therapist
  • Hotel and Resort Spa Capture Rates
    • Capture Rate of Total Hotel Guests
    • Proportion of Total Spa Visits from Hotel Guests Versus non In-House Guests
  • Spa Employees
    • Total Employees
    • Number and Proportion of Therapists
    • Employees per Treatment Room
    • Therapists per Treatment Room

You may purchase the reports and packages online at, then download the report file(s) immediately.

About Intelligent Spas

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