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Spa Operations and Treatments Manuals Package

Product image 1Spa Operations and Treatments Manuals Package
Product image 2Spa Operations and Treatments Manuals Package
Product image 3Spa Operations and Treatments Manuals Package
Product image 4Spa Operations and Treatments Manuals Package
Product image 5Spa Operations and Treatments Manuals Package
Product image 6Spa Operations and Treatments Manuals Package
Product image 7Spa Operations and Treatments Manuals Package

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Save over 10% by purchasing this Package containing two comprehensive manuals, which combine to provide a complete set of operational and treatment procedures to help you set up your new spa quickly or improve your existing spa's performance.

The Spa Operations and Treatments Manuals Package includes two comprehensive manuals:
1. Spa Operating Procedures and Policies Manual
2. Professional Spa Treatments Manual

Intelligent Spas' comprehensive Spa Operating Procedures and Policies Manual is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business practices, aiming to generate incremental revenue, improve profitability and maximise return on investment. These unique resources are literally your virtual consultant, detailing practical guidelines and processes you may reference and customise to your own specific requirements. Download the manual immediately and begin to streamline your activities today.

The manual assists spa businesses raise service standards, improve customer satisfaction, create and maintain spa ambience, implement employee training and reduce costs associated with waste and inefficient processes and contains the following vital topics:
  • Human Resources Management
  • Employee Handbook
  • Client Interaction and Service Standards
  • Housekeeping and Spa Presentation


The Top 5 Key Spa Results From “Highly Consistent” Treatment Procedures are:
1. Reduce training costs
2. Faster time to market for spas in pre-opening phase
3. Easier treatment delivery for multi-skilled therapists
4. Increase client loyalty
5. Higher employee retention

Fast-track training for new spas and new employees, or ensure service standards are continuously maintained in established spas, by implementing quality treatment delivery protocols.

Intelligent Spas' Professional Spa Treatments Manual is specifically designed with "highly consistent" procedures and scripts to make it easy for therapists to remember and deliver quality spa treatments, resulting is satisfying spa experiences which generates increased client loyalty and produces better consumer ratings and reviews.

31 detailed spa treatment procedures are included in the manual, covering the following topics:
  • Water
  • Massage
  • Body
  • Face
  • Nails
  • Hair
  • Extras including waxing
Supporting verbal scripts, product lists and process maps are also included to help guide training and implementation.
The editable file is provided so you may customise the contents to your own specific requirements. Download the manual immediately and begin to perform great treatments today.



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Table of Contents

Table of Contents - Spa Operating Procedures and Policies Manual
1 How to Use this Manual 8
1.1 Copyright 8
1.2 File Management 8
1.3 Adding your Brand Identity 9
1.4 Customising the Manual Contents 9
1.5 Re-setting the Automated Numbering System 9
1.6 Format Options 10
1.7 Legend for Process Maps 10
2 Client Interaction and Services Standards 11
2.1 Process Maps 11
2.1.1 Reservation Process Map 11
2.1.2 Client Appointment Process Map 12
2.1.3 Spa Tour Process Map 13
2.1.4 Product Returns Process Map 13
2.1.5 Spa Brochure Request Process Map 14
2.1.6 Purchase Gift Certificate in Person Process Map 14
2.1.7 Purchase Gift Certificate via Telephone Process Map 15
2.1.8 Complaints Process Map 15
2.2 Telephone Greeting Policy & Procedure 16
2.3 Client Greeting in Person Policy & Procedure 17
2.4 Reservation via Telephone Policy, Procedure & Checklist 18
2.5 Reservation in Person for Treatment Later Policy & Procedure 21
2.6 Reservation in Person for Treatment Now Policy & Procedure 23
2.7 Request Credit Card to Confirm Booking Policy, Procedure & Booking Form 24
2.8 Confirmation Calls Policy & Procedure 26
2.9 Cancellation Policy & Procedure 27
2.10 No-Show Policy, Procedure & Sample Letter 28
2.11 Client Arrives Late Policy & Procedure 30
2.12 Therapist Arrives Late Policy & Procedure 31
2.13 Therapist Not Available Policy & Procedure 33
2.14 Check In Policy & Procedure 34
2.15 Client Profile Form Policy, Procedure & Form 35
2.16 Privacy Policy, Procedure & Notice 37
2.17 Terms of Entry and Spa Etiquette Policy, Procedure & Notice 39
2.18 Mobile Phones and Other Electronic Devices Policy & Procedure 42
2.19 Receiving Clients – Treatment Room Policy & Procedure 43
2.20 Receiving Clients – Station Policy & Procedure 45
2.21 Releasing Clients – Treatment Room Policy & Procedure 47
2.22 Releasing Clients – Station Policy & Procedure 49
2.23 Check Out Policy & Procedure 50
2.24 Retail Assistance and Sales Policy & Procedure 51
2.25 Terms of Sale Policy, Procedure & Notice 52
2.26 Product Samples Policy & Procedure 54
2.27 Payment Policy & Procedure 55
2.28 Payment via Credit Card Policy & Procedure 56
2.29 Payment via Cash Policy & Procedure 57
2.30 Payment via Cheque Policy & Procedure 58
2.31 Payment via Gift Voucher Policy & Procedure 59
2.32 Payment via Electronic Funds Transfer Policy & Procedure 60
2.33 Client Farewell Policy & Procedure 62
2.34 Product Returns Policy, Procedure & Form 63
2.35 Complaint in Person Policy, Procedure & Form 65
2.36 Complaint via Telephone Policy & Procedure 67
2.37 Complaint via Written Correspondence Policy & Procedure 68
2.38 Spa Tour Booking Policy, Procedure & Form 69
2.39 Spa Tour for Clients Policy & Procedure 71
2.40 Spa Tour for Media Policy & Procedure 72
2.41 Guest Book Policy, Procedure & Form 73
2.42 Spa Brochure Request in Person Policy & Procedure 75
2.43 Request to Post Spa Brochure Policy & Procedure 76
2.44 Gift Certificate in Person Policy, Procedure, Notice & Form 78
2.45 Purchase Gift Certificate via Telephone Policy & Procedure 81
3 Housekeeping & Spa Presentation 83
3.1 Process Maps 83
3.1.1 Treatment Rooms Process Map 83
3.1.2 Stations Process Map 84
3.1.3 Reception Process Map 84
3.1.4 Relaxation Room Process Map 85
3.1.5 Locker Room Process Map 86
3.1.6 Supporting Facilities Process Map 87
3.1.7 Stock Requisition & Monitoring Process Map 88
3.1.8 Laundry Process Map 89
3.1.9 General Spa Ambience Process Map 89
3.2 Spa Cleaning and Presentation Policy & Procedure 90
3.3 Spa Opening – Treatment Rooms Policy, Procedure & Checklist 91
3.4 Post Treatment Preparation – Treatment Rooms Policy, Procedure & Checklist 93
3.5 Spa Closing – Treatment Rooms Policy, Procedure & Checklist 95
3.6 Spa Opening – Stations Policy, Procedure & Checklist 97
3.7 Post Treatment Preparation – Station Policy, Procedure & Checklist 99
3.8 Spa Closing – Stations Policy, Procedure & Checklist 101
3.9 Spa Opening – Reception Policy, Procedure & Checklist 103
3.10 Spa Presentation – Reception Policy, Procedure, Task Checklist & Locker Usage Status Form 105
3.11 Spa Closing – Reception Policy, Procedure & Checklist 108
3.12 Spa Opening – Relaxation Room Policy, Procedure & Checklist 110
3.13 Spa Presentation – Relaxation Room Policy, Procedure & Checklist 112
3.14 Spa Closing – Relaxation Room Policy, Procedure & Checklist 114
3.15 Spa Opening – Locker Room Policy, Procedure & Checklist 116
3.16 Individual Locker Restock Policy, Procedure, Locker Items Checklist & Locker Restock Task Checklist 118
3.17 Spa Presentation – Locker Room Policy, Procedure, Toiletry Items Checklist Format & Task Checklist 121
3.18 Spa Closing – Locker Room Policy, Procedure & Checklist 124
3.19 Spa Opening – Supporting Facilities Policy, Procedure & Checklist 126
3.20 Spa Presentation – Supporting Facilities Policy, Procedure & Checklist 128
3.21 Spa Closing – Supporting Facilities Policy, Procedure & Checklist 130
3.22 Store Stock Policy & Procedure 132
3.23 Professional Stock Policy & Procedure 133
3.24 Retail Stock Policy & Procedure 134
3.25 Stock Monitoring Policy, Procedure, Master Stock List, Stock Status Report Format & Stock Requisition Form 135
3.26 Linen Policy & Procedure 141
3.27 Laundry Policy, Procedure & Form 142
3.28 Food and Beverage Policy, Procedure, Menu Format, Ingredients List Format & Checklist 144
3.29 Reading Materials Policy, Procedure & Approved Reading Materials List Format 148
3.30 Music Policy, Procedure & Approved Music List Format 150
3.31 Diffusing Oils Policy, Procedure & Approved Diffusing Oils List Format 152
3.32 Repairs and Maintenance Policy, Procedure & Log Form 154
3.33 Back-of-House Policy & Procedure 156
4 Human Resources 157
4.1 Process Maps 157
4.1.1 Recruitment Process Map 157
4.1.2 Induction Process Map 158
4.1.3 Performance Warning and Breach of Contract Process Map 158
4.1.4 Employee Termination Process Map 159
4.1.5 Career Development & Continuous Improvement Process Map 160
4.2 Recruitment Policy, Procedure, Recruitment Request Form, Job Opening Notice, Job Advertisement Checklist, Job Application Under Consideration Sample Letter, Job Application Unsuccessful Sample Letter & Interview Questions Checklist 161
4.3 Job Descriptions Policy, Procedure & New Job Description Form Template 169
4.4 Job Descriptions 172
4.4.1 Spa Director 172
4.4.2 Spa Manager 174
4.4.3 Spa Supervisor 176
4.4.4 Spa Therapist 178
4.4.5 Housekeeping Manager 180
4.4.6 Spa Attendant 182
4.4.7 Spa Sales Manager 184
4.4.8 Spa Receptionist 186
4.5 Employment Contract Policy, Procedure, Checklist, Job Offer Sample Letter & Employment Confirmation Sample Letter 188
4.6 Uniforms Policy & Procedure 192
4.7 New Employee Induction Policy, Procedure & Checklist 193
4.8 Buddy System Policy, Procedure & Meeting Notes Form 195
4.9 Probation Period Policy & Procedure 197
4.10 Performance Warning Policy, Procedure, Performance Improvement Plan, Performance Warning Report, 1st Written Performance Warning Letter Sample & Final Written Performance Warning Letter Sample 198
4.11 Major Breach of Employment Contract Policy & Procedure 206
4.12 Employee Resignation Receipt Policy, Procedure & Resignation Acceptance Letter Sample 207
4.13 Employment Termination Policy, Procedure & Checklist 209
4.14 Exit Interview Policy, Procedure, Exit Interview Questions Form & Exit Statement Sample 212
4.15 Employee Retrenchment Policy, Procedure & Notice of Retrenchment Letter Sample 215
4.16 Operating Hours Policy, Procedure & Notice 217
4.17 Shift Roster Preparation Policy, Procedure & Template 219
2.18 Time Recording Policy & Procedure 221
4.19 Performance Appraisal Program Policy, Procedure & Form 222
4.20 Training and Career Development Policy & Procedure 226
4.21 Employee Counselling Policy, Procedure & Form 227
4.22 Continuous Improvement Program Policy, Procedure, Status Form & Item Implementation Plan 229
4.23 Employee Meetings Agenda & Minutes Policy, Procedure, Sample, Chair’s Notes Template & Minutes Sample 232
4.24 Restricted Areas Policy & Procedure 238
4.25 Privacy & Document Security Policy & Procedure 239
4.26 Emergency Management Policy & Procedure 240
4.27 Lost & Found Property Policy & Procedure 241
5 Employee Handbook 242
5.1 Corporate Profile 242
5.1.1 Mission 242
5.1.2 Background 242
5.1.3 Location and Contact Details 242
5.1.4 Operating Hours 243
5.1.5 Strategic Objective and Philosophy 243
5.1.6 Organisational Chart 243
5.2 Spa Security Policy & Procedure 244
5.3 Employee Arrival Policy & Procedure 245
5.4 Employee Departure Policy & Procedure 246
5.5 Time Sheet Policy, Procedure & Form 247
5.6 Shift Roster Policy, Procedure & Modification Request Form 249
5.7 Leave Policy, Procedure & Form 251
5.8 Personal Communications and Errands Policy & Procedure 253
5.9 Employee Access Policy, Procedure & Gender-Specific Areas Access Request Form 254
5.10 Non-Public Areas Policy & Procedure 256
5.11 Client Access Policy & Procedure 257
5.12 Emergency Evacuation Policy, Procedure & Map of Emergency Evacuation Exits and Waiting Area 258
5.13 First Aid Implementation Policy, Procedure, Map of First Aid Kit Locations & First Aid Incident Report Form 261
5.14 Operating Equipment and Systems Policy & Procedure 265
5.15 Smoking Policy & Procedure 266
5.16 Photography Policy & Procedure 267
5.17 Lost Items Policy, Procedure & Form 268
5.18 Found Items Policy, Procedure & Form 271
5.19 Employee Presentation Policy, Procedure & Uniform Request Form 274
5.20 Telephone Etiquette Policy & Procedure 276
5.21 Employee Communication Policy & Procedure 277
5.22 Employee Meetings Policy & Procedure 279
5.23 Continuous Improvement Policy, Procedure & Form 280
5.24 Performance Appraisals and Training Policy, Procedure & Training Request Form 282
5.25 Employee Benefits Policy, Procedure & Items List 284
5.26 Family & Friends Benefits Policy, Procedure & Items List 286
5.27 Gratuities Policy & Procedure 288
5.28 Employee Resignation Policy & Procedure 289
6 Master Templates 290
6.1 Master Content Page Template 290
6.1.1 Sub-heading 290
6.2 Master Policy & Procedure Table Template 291
6.3 Master General Checklist & Items Template 292
6.4 Master Day & Time Task Checklist Template 293
6.5 Master Sample Letter Template 294
6.6 Master Sample Notice Template 295
6.7 Master Sample Form Template 296
7 Copy/Paste Templates 297
7.1 Copy/Paste Content Page Template 297
7.1.1 Sub-heading 297
7.2 Copy/Paste Policy & Procedure Table Template 298
7.3 Copy/Paste General Checklist & Items Template 299
7.4 Copy/Paste Day & Time Task Checklist Template 300
7.5 Copy/Paste Sample Letter Template 301
7.6 Copy/Paste Sample Notice Template 302
7.7 Copy/Paste Sample Form Template 303

TABLE OF CONTENTS - Professional Spa Treatments Manual


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Julie Garrow

Julie Garrow developed a mission in 2001 to assist spa owners, managers and employees provide seamless spa experiences to their valued guests, after realising via consulting and mystery shopping projects, new spas in particular, were not operating efficiently and delivering the promised level of relaxation. Her consulting career in hospitality and leisure in the late 90’s led her to specialise in the spa sector when it was still a very young industry and Julie founded Intelligent Spas to author a range of publications which spas could easily reference and implement in order to improve their performance and service delivery.

Julie initiated a partnership with Maggie Gunning, an experienced spa director and consultant, to develop a range of international standard, Spa Operating Policies and Procedures Manuals, resulting in detailed and practical guidelines spa owners, managers, and employees require to support an efficient business, whilst delivering consistently high service standards. The manuals have been updated and refined over the years as the industry has matured.

In 2009, Julie was awarded the "Distinguished Industry Leader" title in The Crystal Awards Asia Pacific, which was nominated by industry peers to acknowledge and reward an individual who has made a positive contribution to the spa industry.

Prior to establishing Intelligent Spas, Julie represented major organisations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers Hospitality and Leisure Consulting (Singapore), Southern Pacific Hotels (Sydney) and KPMG Tourism and Leisure Consulting (Melbourne). Julie graduated with a Bachelor of Business specialising in Tourism, Management and Marketing. Julie is from Australia and currently resides in Singapore with her husband and business partner, Stu and their son, Conrad.

Maggie Gunning

Maggie Gunning was a major contributor in the development of Intelligent Spas’ Spa Operations Manuals, providing valuable practical insight into the many procedures and work flows to achieve high quality, international standard resources, designed to enable spas to effectively implement the knowledge. She has spent almost 30 years helping spa owners, investors, hoteliers, designers, project managers and consultants turn their spa visions into a reality, from creating innovative spa concepts and managing spa developments through to the pre-opening phase, to conducting focused employee training to refine the operations of luxury day spa chains. Her work has taken her to over 20 countries across Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, where she’s developed a valuable understanding of spa infrastructure and operations required within various cultures and climates.

Maggie founded spa consulting firm Spa Synergy and succeeded in establishing the brand as the trusted advisor to deliver world-class standards in spa excellence, before selling the business to A. W Lake Spa Concepts Pte Ltd, whom she continues to work with. She has also acted as an international examiner for the Confederation of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology in the United Kingdom

Originally from England where she trained as a fully qualified aesthetician in face and body treatments, Maggie has resided in Asia for many years and now calls Singapore home.

Kirien Withers

Kirien Withers was chosen to edit Intelligent Spas’ Spa Operations Manuals given her experience and reputation in beauty and spa industry publishing. She founded the first generic beauty and spa publications in Australia in 1993 and 1999 respectively, after beginning a long campaign to see Australia and New Zealand’s industries blossom. She was Founding President of the now Australasian Spa and Wellness Association and launched Australia’s first spa and wellness consumer publication. Kirien has also consulted on all things spa, wellness, aesthetics and sustainability over the last three decades, which enabled her to provide a valuable contribution to the quality of the Spa Operations Manuals.

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