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Intelligent Spas Releases New South Africa Spa Benchmark Report

Singapore, December 2014 – Intelligent Spas has released new Spa Benchmarks for South Africa following the previous research conducted five years ago. The market changes are significant, with spa numbers and revenue increasing by 142% and 261% respectively. Spas also collectively recorded 162% more visitors in 2014 compared to 2008 and employment has risen by 90% during that time.

Julie Garrow, managing director of independent research company Intelligent Spas, stated “the South Africa Spa Benchmark Report 2014 contains a plethora of statistics about the total spa market, plus presents the majority of results broken down by day spas, hotel spas and resort spas. Identifying the critical differences between these spa types greatly improves the effectiveness of business analysis and decision making. The market is constantly changing with revenue per spa and employees per spa both falling between 2013 and 2014. This new report provides a timely resource for those working in the South African spa industry, to make the necessary modifications to their business and successfully adapt to these changes in order to maximise their own performance.”

The South African Spa Association is gratefully acknowledged for sponsoring this new research. Dr Nadine de Freitas, Executive Director of the Association stated “South Africa's spa industry is relatively young by global standards. Established and emerging spa businesses need to constantly improve their business and management skills, keep up with new changing trends, and develop good business partnerships. Access to resources are needed that can assist in market research and improving industry standards, professional training and education are imperative, hence the 2014 South African Spa Benchmark Report as an essential step in the development of the South African spa industry. The South African Spa Association thanks Julie Garrow and Intelligent Spas for their commitment to 100% independent spa research, so allowing all investors and spa operators access to crucial spa intelligence, to identify key success factors and ensure a successful and competitive spa, in today’s ever-changing market.”

The full report is available for purchase and immediate download at The main contents of the report include:
• Spa industry growth;
• Total spa industry size and value;
• Financial and performance benchmarks including average revenue per spa and breakdown of visitor profiles;
• Spa benchmark ratios such as average revenue per visit and annual visits per employee;
• Spa business models;
• Spa infrastructure;
• Spa menus; plus
• Spa industry trends.

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About the South African Spa Association
The high goal of the South African Spa Association is to be the ambassador for the spa industry, with representation in all aspects related to spas, such as health and wellness, tourism and hospitality, education and training.

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