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Intelligent Spas Publishes First Wellness Spas Benchmark Report

Singapore, December 2016 – Intelligent Spas has released the first detailed benchmark report focused on wellness spas, which identified the following key results compared to industry averages collated recently across multiple countries - wellness spas:

Wellness Spas Benchmark Report

  • Achieve higher annual revenue;
  • Employ more people;
  • Attract a greater percentage of local residents; and
  • Generate more revenue per square metre/foot.

"Wellness spa owners and managers may benchmark their performance against these unique 'wellness spa' key performance indicators to identify areas of strength or weakness, then create a relevant plan to protect their business," explained Julie Garrow, managing director of Intelligent Spas. "Whereas, those who aspire to, or are considering adding more wellness services or wellness-inspired treatments, may use the research findings to learn more about the relevant performance benchmarks and develop strategies for incorporating more wellness into their menus and facilities."

Over 90 statistics are contained in the report, which is available for purchase and immediate download at

The main contents of the report include:

  • Employees and Visitors
  • Financial Benchmarks
  • Hotel Performance
  • Spa Business Models
  • Spa Infrastructure
  • Spa Menus
  • Standard Treatment Pricing
  • Complimentary Food and Beverages
  • Spa Industry Trends
  • Unique Selling Propositions

For the purposes of the research, Intelligent Spas defined a wellness spa as offering a variety of spa treatments and packages incorporating wellness attributes, health and fitness related services, classes and consultations, plus an emphasis on wellness throughout its branding. Selected spa owners and managers were invited to participate in the research by completing a detailed survey, which enabled the provision this new industry information, delivered in a concise, written report format for quick and easy reading. Intelligent Spas thanks and appreciates those who supported this inaugural study.

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About Intelligent Spas

Intelligent Spas is the only independent research company specialising in the spa industry which provides consistent, reliable research globally. Intelligent Spas provides 'performance enhancing' publications for the spa industry, via actionable research and detailed operations and training manuals, which are available for immediate download and starting from just US$30.

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