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Happy International Workers' Day!

International Workers' Day, also known as Labour/Labor Day, over 160 countries around the world celebrate Employees' contribution to their workplace, economy and their nation. Most countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas have a public holiday on the 1st of May, whereas other countries including the USA and Australia recognise it on other days.

Employers - do you have sufficient resources in place to recruit, train, support and develop your Employees?

Employees - do you feel your workplace offers you a sound base of support, adequate training and relevant career development opportunities in a safe working environment?

Intelligent Spas offers a variety of Manuals to support Employees perform at their best, whilst making it easy for Owners and Managers to set up and implement a range of operational, management and training activities.

All of these Manuals may be used by Spas, Salons and other related Wellness Centres:

  • Human Resources Management Manual provides a variety of policies, procedures, checklists and other resources to help manage employees and related administration, such as recruitment, performance appraisals, training and career development, termination policies and emergency management. This Manual is ideal for those new to a management role or those who have some/a lot of experience, but do not have professional, structured and detailed documents to support them.
  • Employee Handbook Manual gets new Employees up and running on day one and continues to be their guide throughout their employment, covering company mission and details, plus policies relating to security, rosters, leave, communication, first aid and presentation, to name a few.
  • Health and Safety Manual is a specific and important resource to ensure you have checked all the boxes in terms of keeping your Employees, Customers, Contractors and building safe. This Manual overlaps a little with the above two Manuals and is ideal to purchase on its own for those who just need these topic-specific policies and procedures.
  • Employee Compensation Manual is designed to provide the variety of information Owners and Managers need to develop relevant compensation agreements, aiming to attract great team members and keep Employees incentivised to consistently perform well for the business.
  • Spa Sessions Team Meetings and Training Manual provides a continuous stream of performance improving training ideas and helps you engage, motivate and retain your Employees. These ingenious Sessions were designed by International Spa Consultant Naomi Gregory and aim to improve your Business Success, overall Team Performance and your customers' Service Experience.
  • Treatment Protocols/Procedures help you fast-track training and ensure service standards are continuously maintained. Employees may refer to these step-by-step procedures to consistently deliver treatments exactly as expected.

And last but not least, our best selling Manual...

  • Operations Manual is a very detailed Manual to operate your overall business, which helps you achieve cost efficiencies and greater service standards via high quality policies, procedures, checklists, templates, forms and process maps. The first three Manuals listed above are contained in this Manual, in addition to topics related to Client Interaction and Service Standards and Housekeeping and Presentation. These Manuals were developed in collaboration with International Spa Consultant, Maggie Gunning.


Consultants may use our resources to help improve their clients' businesses, or if you are considering becoming a consultant, our resources will fast-track your business set up and describe how to attract clients quickly - check out our Spa Consultant Toolkits.


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