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Global Spa Benchmark Report 2019 by Region

Product image 1Global Spa Benchmark Report 2019 by Region
Product image 2Global Spa Benchmark Report 2019 by Region
Product image 3Global Spa Benchmark Report 2019 by Region
Product image 4Global Spa Benchmark Report 2019 by Region
Product image 5Global Spa Benchmark Report 2019 by Region
Product image 6Global Spa Benchmark Report 2019 by Region
Product image 7Global Spa Benchmark Report 2019 by Region

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Use industry benchmarks to maximise your profit by identifying areas where you can enhance your performance.

Intelligent Spas' Global Spa Benchmark Report 2019 by Region contains over 1,130 statistics to update the industry on recent and predicted financial and operational performance, featuring 2017 and 2018 actual results and 2019 forecasts. Plus 2008 benchmarks are included to highlight the various changes in the industry over the last decade.

This latest Report presents the following global spa industry benchmarks, as well as sub-sample responses by Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East and Africa:

  • Spa Set Up in 2019
    • Opening Hours
    • Treatment Hours Available
    • Spa Size
    • Number of Treatment Rooms by Occupancy
    • Supporting Facilities
    • Treatment Locations
    • Treatment Starting Prices
  • Total Revenue
    • Revenue per Spa
    • Revenue per Visit
    • Revenue per Square Metre/Foot
    • Revenue per Treatment Room
    • Revenue per Available Treatment Hour
    • Revenue per Employee
    • Revenue per Therapist
  • Treatment Revenue
    • Treatment Revenue per Spa
    • Treatment Revenue as a proportion of Total Revenue
    • Average Treatment Price
    • Treatment Revenue per Visit
    • Treatment Revenue per Treatment Room
    • Treatment Revenue per Available Treatment Hour
    • Treatment Revenue per Therapist
  • Treatment and Occupancy Benchmarks
    • Number of Treatments Sold
    • Treatment Room Hours Sold
    • Average Treatment Time
    • Treatment Room Occupancy
  • Retail Revenue
    • Retail Revenue per Spa
    • Retail Revenue as a Proportion of Total Revenue
    • Average Retail Revenue per Visit
  • Spa Visits
    • Visits per Spa
    • Proportion of Female and Male Visitors
    • Visits per Treatment Room
    • Visits per Employee
    • Visits per Therapist
  • Hotel and Resort Spa Capture Rates
    • Capture Rate of Total Hotel Guests
    • Proportion of Total Spa Visits from Hotel Guests Versus non In-House Guests
  • Spa Employees
    • Total Employees
    • Number and Proportion of Therapists
    • Employees per Treatment Room
    • Therapists per Treatment Room

Other supporting information is listed in the Table of Contents below.



Spas owners and managers use this important research to compare their performance and identify their spa's strengths and weaknesses so they may act to address areas requiring improvement, ultimately to increase revenue and profit. Benchmarking helps spa owners and managers feel in control of their business. 

Consultants use the research to gain updated knowledge of the industry so they may better advise their clients during projects such as feasibility studies, spa concept design, pre-opening activities and business planning. When choosing a consultant, confirm they have the latest available research for your proposed location and spa type.

Investors and banks use the benchmarks to complete due diligence, feasibility studies and approve loans.

Associations refer to industry statistics in conversations with government and other organisations to create new initiates and generate positive change for the industry.

Suppliers, Tourism Boards, Travel Companies and other stakeholders use research to better understand the industry they are servicing so they can maximise their business potential and offer relevant products to their clients.



Information was collected via a detailed survey completed by spa owners/managers, then combined with additional secondary research conducted by Intelligent Spas to provide a comprehensive statistical report on the global spa industry.

The Report is delivered in PDF format. 

Download the Report immediately after purchase via the link emailed to you. Check your junk folder if it does not arrive in your inbox. Contact us if you cannot find our email or if you need further instructions.



Click the cover image to see larger sample pages and use the arrows to view each sample page. And/or click the smaller thumb nail images under the main image.



Table of Contents

1 Introduction 5
2 Industry Changes 6
2.1 Global Spa Benchmarks 2018 Versus 2008 6
3 Spa Set Up 2019 7
3.1 Spa Opening Hours 7
3.2 Spa Infrastructure 8
3.3 Treatments Conducted Outside the Spa 9
3.4 Starting Prices of Standard Treatments 10
4 Spa Industry Benchmarks 11
4.1 Total Spa Revenue Benchmarks 11
4.2 Treatment Revenue Benchmarks 14
4.3 Treatment and Occupancy Benchmarks 17
4.4 Retail Revenue Benchmarks 18
4.5 Spa Visits and Profiles Benchmarks 19
4.6 Hotel and Resort Spa Capture Rate & Benchmarks 21
4.7 Spa Employees Benchmarks 22
5 About the Research Project 24
5.1 About Intelligent Spas 24
5.2 Research Objective 24
5.3 Research Methodology and Sampling 25
5.4 Spa Defined 25
5.5 Primary Spa Type Definitions 26
5.6 Secondary Spa Type Definitions 26
5.7 How to Read the Report 26
5.8 Confidentiality Policy 27
5.9 Challenges 27
5.10 Participant Acknowledgements 28
5.11 Participate in Future Surveys 28
5.12 Updates and Feedback 28
5.13 Custom Research 28
5.14 Connect 28
5.15 Subscribe for First Access and Discounts 28
6 Research Sponsors 29
6.1 Sponsor Acknowledgements 29
6.2 Sponsor Future Research 29
6.3 TAC – The Assistant Company 30
6.4 Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC) 31
6.5 Spa & Wellness Association Singapore (SWAS) 32
6.6 Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA) 33
6.7 Malaysian Association of Wellness and Spa (MAWSpa) 34
7 "Performance-Enhancing" Spa Publications Available 35
7.1 Spa Operating Procedures and Policies Manual 35
7.2 Professional Spa Treatments Manual 36
7.3 Spa Sessions Team Meetings Manuals 37
7.4 Premium Foot Bath Ritual Procedure 38


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Julie Garrow
Julie Garrow, Founder and Managing Director of Intelligent Spas, began her market research career about 25 years ago in the tourism and hospitality sectors, then pioneered statistically reliable 'spa' industry research across the globe from 2001.

Specialising in quality spa industry research, Julie created Intelligent Spas’ uniquely independent, "Global Spa Benchmark Program", which produces a range of key financial and operational benchmarks to help spa operators track and improve their performance.

She authored a chapter entitled "Spa Industry Benchmarking" in the published text book ‘Understanding the Global Spa Industry’, which was edited by Marc Cohen and Gerard Bodeker and published by Elsevier in 2008. Julie has also developed and conducted various Spa Consumer Surveys across the Asia Pacific region.

Julie achieved "Distinguished Industry Leader" in The Crystal Awards Asia Pacific 2009, which was nominated by industry peers to acknowledge and reward an individual who has made a positive contribution to the spa industry.

Prior to establishing Intelligent Spas, Julie represented major organisations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers Hospitality and Leisure Consulting (Singapore), Southern Pacific Hotels (Sydney) and KPMG Tourism and Leisure Consulting (Melbourne). Julie graduated with a Bachelor of Business specialising in Tourism, Management and Marketing. Julie is from Australia and currently resides in Singapore with her husband, Stu and their son, Conrad.
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