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Business Type User Licenses

Multiple Locations or Chains
Description - If you are currently employed by a Multiple Location Enterprise, including spa and hotel chains - this includes employees located at head offices/regional offices as well as employees at branch locations.
Benefits - All current employees of a company based at multiple business locations may view the publication(s).
Price - Just two times the Single Location price.

Single Location or Single User (Default General User)
Description - If you are a single user or currently employed by a company with one business location.
Benefits - Either an individual (including students) or all current employees of a company within one business location may view the publication(s).

Description - If you are currently employed by, or own, a professional consulting firm.
Benefits - All current employees of a professional consulting company may use the publication(s) for multiple client engagements, which means the engagement must include fully customising the publications for each client. You may not give the publications to your clients for free. You may not re-sell the publications directly to your clients.
Price - Just 1.5 times the Single Location price.

Important Notes
- Business email addresses must be used to make purchases.
- Students must not purchase this License Type. Students may request their library to purchase under this Licence Type.
- Students should choose "Single Location" if they wish to purchase their own copy of the publication(s).
Contact Intelligent Spas using your business email address to find out how to receive the Academic Library discount.

User License Agreement
If you select and purchase under the wrong Business Type User License based on your actual business type, you agree to pay any outstanding amount owed to Intelligent Spas immediately upon receiving an official request. By purchasing publications from Intelligent Spas via the Online Store or any other method, you agree to abide by these User License Terms, including but not limited to, the Copyright associated with the User Licenses. The copyright and security of publications purchased from Intelligent Spas including both electronic and printed copies are the responsibility of the registered purchaser. You may not on-sell the publications to a third party. Legal action will be taken to recover all revenue lost and related expenses incurred as a result of breach of copyright and/or other User License Terms. This User License Agreement shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore, and the purchaser agrees that all matters arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Republic of Singapore. The prevailing party in any action to enforce this agreement shall be entitled to reasonable costs and legal fees.

Please contact Intelligent Spas if you have any questions.
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