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New Spa & Salon Menu Revenue Analysis Manual

Increase revenue and refine your menu with our new Spa and Salon Menu Revenue Analysis Manual, which is also ideal for Spa and Salon Consultants who aim to help their clients increase revenue, reduce costs and perfect their offering.

Benchmarks and Reports are automatically generated to enable you to understand the performance of individual treatments and services and then modify the menu to include the most popular experiences which generate the most revenue.

18 sheets in the MS Excel file contain a variety of Reports which will be automatically generated once your data is inserted:

  • The Menu Dashboard contains 10 Reports, mainly by month, to provide a sound overview of the menu's performance;
  • The Benchmark Ratios Report presents 27 year-to-date and annual KPI's to monitor a variety of areas across the business;
  • 3 individual year-to-date and annual Reports display results by type eg. massage versus facials versus nails - they cover whole menu revenue, number sold and hours sold;
  • 13 additional year-to-date, monthly and annual Reports focus on a range of operational Benchmarks to help you better understand performance by month and season; and
  • To dive deeper, the Menu and Sales Input Sheet shows you more daily, monthly, year-to-date and annual totals by individual and type of menu item.

In addition:

  • Two 'Benchmark Action Plan' Templates are included to help you set goals and prioritise activities to improve any Benchmark results which recommend focus on specific areas of the spa or salon business; and
  • Definitions of all the Benchmark Ratios and other relevant calculations are provided to assist your Benchmarking activities.

There are two components of the Manual:

  1. A written Manual guides you through how to use the supporting Spreadsheet and read the automatically-generated Benchmark Reports, plus provides advice on how to use the results to tweak your spa or salon menu to maximise revenue.
  2. The detailed Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet automatically generates a collection of revenue, sales, infrastructure and operational Benchmarks and Reports as you input your data.


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