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Intelligent Spas Released Over 50 Spa Publications Between 2002-2013

Previous Reports Covers

Singapore – Intelligent Spas released over 50 spa publications since it was founded by Julie Garrow in 2001. The collection includes Spa Industry Surveys, Spa Consumer Surveys, Spa Operations Manuals and Spa Business Resources. "It has been such an interesting and fulfilling role surveying the top spas around the world and watching the industry grow and develop over the years, as well as observe how it adapts to ever-changing economic conditions and consumer demands," Julie explains.

Here is the list of Spa Publications:

Spa Industry and Benchmark Reports

2011 - Singapore
2011 - Hong Kong
2011 - Asia Pacific (42 Countries)
2011 - Greece
2011 - Spain
2009 - Global Spa Benchmark Report
2009 - Thailand
2009 - Australia
2009 - South Africa Spa Benchmark Report
2009 - Dubai Spa Benchmark Report
2008 - China & Hong Kong
2008 - Vietnam
2008 - Cambodia
2008 - New Zealand
2008 - Thailand
2008 - Australia
2008 - South Africa
2008 - United Arab Emirates
2007 - Asia Pacific (6 Countries)
2007 - Indonesia
2007 - Taiwan
2007 - Singapore
2006 - Malaysia
2006 - Philippines
2006 - Australia
2004 - Thailand
2004 - New Zealand
2004 - Australia
2004 - Singapore
2003 - Indonesia
2003 - Malaysia
2003 - China and Hong Kong
2002 - New Zealand
2002 - Thailand
2002 - Australia
2002 - Singapore

Spa Consumer Survey Reports

2012 - Thailand Spa Consumer Survey Report
2005 - Female Versus Male Spa Consumers: Survey of Behaviours, Expectations, Preferences and Predictions
2003 - Spa Consumer Survey Asia

Spa Business and Operations

2009 - Boutique Spas and Salons Manual
2008 - Spa Business Strategies for Economic Downturn White Paper
2008 - Using Spa Industry Benchmarks For Success White Paper
2007 - Spa Operations Manual - Thai
2007 - Spa Operations Manual - Traditional Chinese
2006 - Spa Operating Procedures Evaluation Guide
2006 - Spa Human Resource Management Manual
2006 - Spa Employee Handbook
2005 - Client Interaction & Service Standards
2005 - Housekeeping & Spa Presentation Manual
2002 - Spa Policies and Procedures Manual
2002 - Spa Integration for Hotels and Resorts

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2014 and beyond...

In 2014, Intelligent Spas re-launched with a fresh new look and a unique series of spa reports. "Each time we plan a new project, we take time to examine the needs of the industry," describes Julie. "Today life is about 'right now' and our new Spa Market Overview Reports, mainly prepared by city location, provide critical, up-to-date information such as recent spa openings and closures and lists of spa and hotel chains currently operating in the market, to enable business owners and suppliers to act quickly when their local market changes."

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About Intelligent Spas
Intelligent Spas provides 'performance enhancing' publications for the spa industry, via actionable research and detailed operations and training manuals, which are available for immediate download and starting from just US$30. Intelligent Spas is the only independent research company specialising in the spa industry which provides consistent, reliable research globally. 

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